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The magic is always in the details. Theodor Fontane

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Photos During Sunset

The golden hour is a perfect opportunity for photos. There is hardly any better light to take beautiful pictures. Tip: Have a short photo session in the evening for 5-10 minutes, and your guests will hardly notice your absence.

What Happens If It Rains?

You can also take beautiful pictures in the rain. These pictures are quite rare. This works best with two large transparent umbrellas, which I always have with me :)

Your Wedding Should Be Relaxed!

Outsource many of your tasks to the witnesses; this will take a lot of stress off you, and your witnesses can handle the sweating for you ;)

Don’t Schedule the Wedding Too Tightly

Ten minutes here, ten minutes there. If this happens six times, you are quickly an hour behind schedule. It often happens that the witnesses' games, for example, take much longer than planned. The wedding dance can then be delayed by 1-2 hours. Tip: Ask the witnesses to keep everything they have planned within a time limit.


Nowadays, using confetti cannons and similar items is often prohibited, or a cleaning fee is charged, which can be around €150. An alternative is bubbles. They look beautiful, especially when leaving the registry office or church. Bubbles are also very inexpensive. Additionally, a small bubble machine for about €30 works very well.

The First Dance! TIP

At the start of the first dance, guests often form a circle around the dance floor. To make this moment even more special, it looks beautiful if guests hold light sticks or similar items. A clever alternative is to have all the guests simply turn on their phone lights. A short announcement from the DJ is usually enough. In photos, a circle of light around you looks very elegant.

After Wedding Shooting?

Usually, the dress and suit disappear into the closet after the wedding. Have you ever thought about an after-wedding shoot? You get to wear your "worn only once" outfits again, and we have much more time and less stress for beautiful pictures.

Especially for locations that are a bit further away, you can go there without the time constraints of the wedding day. On the wedding day, it’s almost impossible to travel far. Let's head to the mountains, the water, or just wander through parking garages and soak up some city charm.

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Getting married on the beach in Holland


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